What to look for in a roofing contractor

Choosing a roofing contractor to trust with your home is a challenging decision for many homeowners. The probability of something going wrong is higher if you do not spend enough time selecting a roofer. Gone are the days when you could just pick up a copy of the yellow pages and find someone who would turn out to be good at their job. As contracting becomes big business, there has been an increase in cowboys who are just looking for a quick score. Here are a few tips to help ensure you choose wisely.


Company history

Looking at the company history of a business is a great place to start. Businesses which have been operational for a long time are a sign of stability. The chances of them folding and you losing your money are slim. Also, f they have been in business for a long time they should know what they do right?



Has the company carried out many jobs similar to the one you want them to do? Take the case for roof coating as an example, not every roofing contractor has successfully carried out tile roofing jobs. Experience means they have an established process polished over time to deliver great results to their customers like you.


Professional body membership

Easy Coat Ltd are a member of the Approved Trader Scheme. This is just one example of a professional body in the trades business sector. When a company joins a trades association, they are showing their commitment to serving their customer’s needs in a professional manner. They also commit to follow the code of conduct of the association when conducting their business. This helps to ensure customers are treated fairly and it may offer additional guarantees independent of the contractor.


Insurance and Guarantees

Never hire a contractor to work on your roof without asking for their insurance and verifying that it is current. If anything happens to your roof or any other part of your home while they are working, you wouldn’t want to find that they are not insured after all. A contractor who offers an independent insurance backed guarantee will instill confidence and offer you peace of mind.


Now that you know the things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor, also remember to get at least three quotes. Company history, experience, professional membership and insurance/guarantees will help you choose the best contractor for you.





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