Should you be considering tile roof coating for your house?

As trends go, the roof coating trend has been ongoing for a few years now. If you’ve considered roof coating before, is now the time to jump on board? This article will briefly discuss what signs will tell you whether you should be getting your roof tiles coated or not. The humid UK climate presents the right conditions for the growth of moss and other fungi. Regular maintenance of your roof will ensure that it meets or exceeds the average expected lifespan. However, due to the resilience of roofing tiles, many homeowners delay making the necessary preparations until nature takes its toll.


Is that moss on your roof?

Moss grows readily on roof tops because they remain undisturbed for years on end. The moisture rich environment ensures colonies spread readily which may accelerate tile deterioration and make your roof prone to leaks. Moss and lichen also discolours roofing tiles, can hold more than 30 times their weight in water which puts additional weight on the timber structure. Once moss takes root the colonies will expand leading to more damage to your tiles. The roof coating service by Easy Coat Ltd involves cleaning all growth off the roof, applying fungicide to prevent regrowth and applying Renotec, the specialist roof coat solution to protect your roof.


Does your roof leak?

Over time and due to the effects of natural wear and tear, most roofs eventually develop leaks. Regular inspection and maintenance will catch most roof tile problems before they become serious. However, if your roof has been neglected and beginning to leak, getting it repaired and a coating applied will considerably increase the life left in it.


Professional roof coating service

Easy Coat Ltd specialise in roof renovation and tile roof coating using internationally certified products. Designed for performance and durability, Renotec is one such product. With an industry beating insurance backed guarantee, Easy Coat Ltd will ensure you have peace of mind when you hire them to work on your roof.




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