How to spot a rogue roofing contractor

When you watch an episode of rogue traders or cowboy builders, you wonder how homeowners could have fallen for the scams. However, be reminded that the individuals featured in these programs have had time to perfect their trade (if only they spend the time in developing great building or roofing skills). They are very persuasive and sometimes use high pressure sales techniques. So how do you tell the good ones from the bad and what techniques should you watch out for. Read more to find out.


We are just working in the area for today

Anyone who knocks on your door, makes you an offer and expects you to take it right on the doorstep is someone you should be worried about. A roofer may know on your day and tell you they are working on one of your neighbour’s roof and have some material left over. They have noticed you have similar type of work needing doing. You are on the back foot already and are being forced to make a decision you haven’t planned on. Be wary.


We will give you a 50% (or another huge discount if you pay today)

Never part with any amount of money upfront on the doorstep or without a written quote, a schedule of payment and knowing exactly what the money is to be used for. Anyone running a business should have the cash flow to cover some material purchase. If they expect you to pay upfront, then you should be very careful and either ask for more time to think about it or just tell them you’re not interested.


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