What makes a roof coating product worth your money?

As the number of companies offering roof coating services has grown, so has the number of roof coating products they use. Choosing the right company to do this job for you is as equally important as the products they use. The difference between achieving the desired result and wasting thousands of your hard earned cash can lie in the quality and properties of the product your contractor uses. Make sure your chosen contractor is experienced at this type of work, employed skilled and specially trained staff and has a reputation for delivering quality workmanship.So what are the characteristics and properties you should ask for your chosen product to deliver? Read ahead to find out.


The coating product any company worth considering uses should be certified to European and International quality standards, this shouldn’t be an exception. Below are the four characteristics to consider.


High tensile strength

Once applied, the coating material should have the tensile strength to stick to the tile surface, while retaining its flexibility for years.



The adhesion properties of the coating product is a critical property. Unlike inferior products which cause the individual roof tiles to stick together, Renotec and other quality certified products will adhere to the tiles and continue offering the protective function for many years.



Many tile coating products claim to be 100% waterproof but will prevent the natural breathing process the tiles go through over time. A coating product worth spending money on is permeable and allows moisture to escape from within the tile as the weather outside changes.


Water resistance

Water coming through the tiles will eventually reach the timbers supporting your roof. Retained moisture is the leading cause of damage to roofing timbers. The tile roof coating product protects your roof from water ingress and is water repellant.


A tile coating product certified to European and International Standards (DIN, EN, ISO) for the characteristics above must be your only choice. Make sure the company you intend to use can provide reassurance that their product of choice is indeed certified. Although most companies will provide a guarantee on materials and labour, Easy Coat Ltd offer added peace of mind with an insurance backed guarantee program, too.